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 Baby Horror Game Among the Sleep Coming to Xbox One

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PostSubject: Baby Horror Game Among the Sleep Coming to Xbox One   Wed May 27, 2015 11:46 am

Killbrite Studio has announced Among the Sleep, its quirky first-person horror adventure that casts players as a two year-old child, will be released on Xbox One.

In the game, which was first released for PC in May 2014, the player is transported into a nightmarish dream world and, as the child, must find his mother. Joining the child on the adventure is a rather creepy sentient teddy bear.

Among the Sleep is also expected for PlayStation 4 and is one of the first games to support Sony's Morpheus VR headset.

According to Killbrite, there isn't currently a release date for the PS4 or Xbox One versions, but the studio is "working closely with both Microsoft and Sony, and will release more information as soon as we have it."

In GameSpot's Among the Sleep review, we awarded the game a score of 7 and praised it for having "imaginative and creepy environment," as well as "excellent sound design." However, the game ultimately ended in an underwhelming fashion.

"Venturing into the unknown of each new realm is ultimately an empowering process--even as a child, you are capable of facing the terrifying unknown and coping with whatever you find there," reads the review.

"Among the Sleep is a distinctive and promising first game from new Norwegian studio Krillbite, and though the dreams it conjures might be scary, it ultimately leaves you with the feeling that you're strong enough to face your fears, in dreams or otherwise."
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Baby Horror Game Among the Sleep Coming to Xbox One

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