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 Lucha Libre Star In Hot Water For Allegedly Attacking Security Guard

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PostSubject: Lucha Libre Star In Hot Water For Allegedly Attacking Security Guard   Mon May 18, 2015 1:35 pm

Both Kris Zellner of The Lucha Report and The Cubs Fan of LuchaBlog.com have extensive write-ups on the allegations that Rush (real name William Arturo Muñoz González), one of CMLL's top stars, had assaulted Julio Cesar Juarez Najera, a security guard at Arena Mexico (a CMLL-owned building), on April 7th. Subsequently, Rush didn't appear on any shows in Mexico City for three weeks.

While Juarez's account suggests some kind of history between the two, this specific incident boiled over because he wouldn't let Rush's wife in the staff/wrestler entrance to Arena Mexico since she wasn't on the list of approved names. When he checked with his supervisors, they gave him the go-ahead to let her in, only for Rush to return a few minutes later, screaming that Juzare had disrespected both his wife and women in general. That's when Juarez claims Rush knocked him unconscious.

When he came to, he called his boss, Ezekiel Sanchez, who took him to nearby Hospital

Alvaro Obregon. This is one of two Mexico City hospitals that CMLL claimed to have some kind of agreement with in the aftermath of Perro Aguayo Jr.s death when wrestler safety was in the news. He was sent home with pain medication and told he didn't need more than that and hot compresses. After that, Juarez says he visited with CMLL bosses Chavo Lutteroth and Paco Alonso, who told him Rush would be punished but they didn't want the story getting out and that he must only go to Hospital Alvaro Obregon since they're contracted with CMLL.

Juarez's pain got worse, so he went back to Hospital Alvaro Obregon, where a different doctor diagnosed him with third grade whiplash, a concussion, and possibly fractured vertebrae. Sensing something was up, he's been seeing specialists at other hospitals since he's concerned about a possible cover-up by CMLL.

Neither Rush or CMLL are commenting, with Rush's temporary disappearance from Mexico City cards starting a few days after the alleged attack being the only action on their part that even indirectly acknowledges that something happened.
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Lucha Libre Star In Hot Water For Allegedly Attacking Security Guard

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