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 Wrestling Is Fun ‘Keep Your Eyes Peeled’ Results 9.01.13

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PostSubject: Wrestling Is Fun ‘Keep Your Eyes Peeled’ Results 9.01.13    Mon Sep 02, 2013 2:55 pm

Credit: Seth Abraham and Pwinsider.com

1. The Osirian Portal vs. Los Ice Creams: El Hijo started off by doing the Ice Cream Shuffle and forcing fans at ringside to do it. Osirian Portal both danced in response but El Hijo slapped Amassis hard. Osirian Portal began working the arm and did a number of comedy spots with the arm. They turned it up a notch and did the Slave Initiation double team move in the corner (Amassis with a split legged wheelbarrow on ophidian who turns it into an arm drag on Amassis who launches into his opponent). Ice creams did get some offense in on Amassis and worked him over with kicks and then some sharp punches. They began doing Kwang the Ninja throat thrusts, which angered Ophidian. They did multiple Kwang thrusts on Amassis. Amassis was catapulted into a forearm and then body slammed. Amassis took a nasty ddt for a near fall. Eventually a third attempted catapult was blocked and the hot tag to Ophidian was made. Ophidian came in with kicks and then the portal did simultaneous dives to the outside on Los Ice Creams. Ophidian came up short on his but he walked it off. In the ring, el hijo got a flurry of kicks and then a discus elbow from Amassis, which set up a running double knee press by Ophidian for the three. Great opener that had comedy and some nice wrestling. Can't say enough how good it is to see the portal together again.

2. The Proletariat Boar of Moldova vs. Assailant: Boar absolutely annihilated Assailant with a spear as Assailant entered the ring. Boar followed this up with a nasty big boot. Boar mauled Assailant early on and threw him into a bunch of fan's seats. Boar did a lot of power spots on the not much smaller Assailant. Boar nailed a nasty Sickle to the back of Assailant's head and then a nasty belly to belly overhead toss for a near fall. Assailant was getting decimated. Boar then did a bizarre spot where he had Assailant up in a Samoan drop but then walked around to all 4 turnbuckles and tapped them. He then dropped Assailant down in the Samoan drop for a near fall. Assailant battled back but then came off the turnbuckles and got caught mid-air for a side slam and a nearfall. Eventually Boar B Smoothe rolled Assailant up and held the tights for the three. After the match the crowd said Boar cheated by ring announcer Gavin Loudspeaker reminded the crowd that Bryce Remsburg was the only licensed ref here so his call stood.

Another solid match. This was probably the best Boar has looked in my opinion. Really a nice match between two power guys.

3. Eric Corvis vs. Kobald Corvis has a steam punk, book of Eli kind of look going on but he looks like he's dropped a bit of weight. Originally Missile Assault Ant was supposed to be the opponent but He got moved to facing Green Ant. Kobald stepped in. Both wrestlers commented about how hot the venue was. Kobald got the advantage early on as he hit Corvis with a demon's toilet while Corvis was sitting on a chair. Kobald focused on the abdomen and bit Corvis as he was in a abdominal stretch. Kobald miss a top rope demon's toilet. Corvis battled back and hit a splash but sold his injured body and stomach. Corvis then got the advantage and looked to be going for a package piledriver but dropped Kobald neck first on his knee. Very Innovative move. Corvis then got the win with a violent backpack snap mare slam.

Another really solid match! Both guys worked hard here.

4. Green Ant. vs. Missile Assault Ant: Missile Assault did the thing where he says his name over and over. The crowd really goes nuts over it with both hatred and laughs. Missile would do one move and then do say his name and this allowed Green ant to continually make comebacks. Green Ant really is starting to get crazy good in the ring. His moves are very crisp and he's got some swagger and character. Green Ant nailed Missile with a jumping front enzigiri but Assault came back with a launching superman lunge. Assault then did an amazing spot where multiple Garvin Stomps while chanting his own name. Amazing stuff for the older fans in attendance. Assault hurled Green to the outside but then did the name thing again and got lit up by one of the best chops I've ever seen thrown in a match. Flair would have been proud. Green Ant lit up Missile again and then tossed him back in. They went back and forth until Missile went for a turnbuckle lawn dart and Green Ant was able to counter and get Missile caught in a modified Chikara Special where both legs are trapped instead of just one for the tap out.

After the match Missile kept repeating his name as he left.

Great match! More Promotions should be looking at Green Ant. That is all I have to say.

5. Juan Francisco de Coronado vs. Shynron: This is a rematch from the last WIF show which saw Shenron get a tapout against the Ecuadorian Aristocracy. Coronado berated Herbert, his manservant for not earning his keep and told him he needed to do better. Coronado worked Shynron's legs early and ddted one of the legs, trying to ground the dragon spirit. Shynron nailed the dragon ball z spot early on Juan Francisco and followed up with a twisting body splash to Coronado on the outside. Shynron hopped over the top rope and spike ddted Coronado for a near fall. He caught the Ecuadorian with a standing shooting star press for another near fall. Coronado went for a German and got blocked and then then went for a half nelson suplex but Shynron fought him off. Crowd was getting into this. At one point Shynron hit an unbelievable split legged press in the corner, basically using only his legs to get himself from the mat to top rope. The kid has some great balance and aerial ability. Shynron then went for the Dragon's Maw submission but Coronado got to the ropes. The ref got distracted as Coronado ascended the turnbuckle and Shynron tried to catch him with headstand head scissors. As Shynron went for this Coronado's man servant nailed Shynron in the ribs with the Ecuadorian flag. Coronado then locked up the ankle of Shynron in the Coronado clutch. Shynron fought valiantly but was forced to tap out.

The crowd gave Shynron a standing ovation afterwards. He was very impressive and has only been in the business a few short years. He and Coronado put together an amazing match. This match was 800% better than their match in Easton.

6. Fire Ant vs. The Brown Morning of Belarus: The Brown Morning looked like Wolverine during his feral comic book run. He nailed Fire Ant with a few running strikes and power moves. Fire Ant was able to fight back with a nice senton and a running kick to the chest. He followed up with a stunner and then nailed the Brown Morning with the beach break for the three count. Shorter match but still everyone worked hard.

7. The Spectral Envoy (UltraMantis Black & Hallowicked & returning Blind Rage) vs. The Wrecking Crew ( Ax Smashmaster & Oleg The Usurper & JAKA) : No Backabella here at ringside which was sad. His Gimmick is great. Oleg was thrown off by Blind Rage being on the opposing team. All 6 men wanted to start in the ring so the ref let them and then Ultra Mantis battled Smashmaster in a test of strength. While the other watched in the ring. Eventually all six battled and things got wild. Oleg and Blind Rage fought in the back to the locker room and Oleg yelled "off with his head (he always yells this before his clubbing close line finisher). Smashmaster nailed a violent powerslam on Hallowicked. Mantis and Hallowicked then battled back and nailed a number of shots on Smashmaster and a double big boot which sent the big man to the outside. Jaka nailed a chokebomb into a samoan drop on Wicked and then was distracted by Blind Rage dressed in oleg's Viking armor. Ultra Mantis captalized and rolled through from the top rope into a beautiful rollup with a bridge on Jaka for the three count.

Fun Main Event. Really a great afternoon of wrestling. I can't stress enough how people in the PA area should come out and see this group. They really knocked it out of the park this afternoon with everyone working very hard. If you can make a show...I highly recommend it! They announced they would becoming to Norristown, PA in November 3rd (Norristown is near the King of Prussia mall) and that they'd be going up to the New England area on 9/21/13.

Read more at http://www.411mania.com/wrestling/news/296132/Wrestling-Is-Fun-/'Keep-Your-Eyes-Peeled-Results-9.01.13.htm#XXOAR3s5vd0l2AGD.99
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Wrestling Is Fun ‘Keep Your Eyes Peeled’ Results 9.01.13

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