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 Six Weeks of TV Results, Plus Backstage News and Notes from the Recent Set of Lucha Underground Tapings *Spoilers*

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PostSubject: Six Weeks of TV Results, Plus Backstage News and Notes from the Recent Set of Lucha Underground Tapings *Spoilers*   Mon Feb 02, 2015 12:49 pm

Source: The Wrestling Observer

Lucha Underground recently held a set of tapings in Los Angeles, CA, and the following are spoiler results and backstage notes coming from the tapings:

The February 4th episode of the show will feature the following:

-Hernandez & Jeff Cobb defeating Beal, Cortez Castro & Mr. Cisco in a 2 vs. 3 dark match. This was Cobb’s Lucha Underground debut.

-Drago defeating Aero Star
-Pentagon Jr. defeating Famous B
-Cage defeating Johnny Mundo in what likely is a #1 contender’s match.

The February 11th episode will feature the following:

-Fenix defeating Argenis
-Johnny Mundo defeating Son of Havoc
-Pentagon Jr. defeating Ricky Mandell.

The episode ends with Alberto El Patron, fka Alberto Del Rio, making his Lucha Underground debut with the AAA Mega Heavyweight Title belt in hand.

Alberto was attacked by former champion El Texano Jr., who was also making his debut. Chavo Guerrero joined in on the attack but Del Rio made a comeback and put Guerrero in the armbar.

The February 18th episode will feature the following:

-Hernandez, Cobb & Argenis defeating Mandell, Mariachi Loco & Son of Havoc in a dark match.

-The show opened with Mil Muertes defeating Chavo Guerrero
-Ivelisse defeated Angelico
-Texano Jr. defeated Super Fly and kept beating on Fly until Alberto El Patron made the save.
-Pimpinela Escarlata, Mascarita Sagrada & Sexy Star defeated Cisco, Beal & Castro (The Crew). Big Ryck has split from The Crew as he had a patch over his eye. Apparently they attacked him before and put a cigar out in his eye.

The February 25th episode will feature the following:

-Cage defeating Puma in a non-title match when Konnan threw in the towel for Puma. If Cage won, he earned a title shot.
-Aero Star defeated Drago and it was announced that they will face each other until one of them wins two matches in a row. The person to win that challenge will receive a surprise, as announced by Cueto.
-Pentago Jr. defeating Northern California indie wrestler Vinny Massaro
-Johnny Mundo going to a double count out with King Cuerno in the main event.

The March 4th episode will feature the following:

-Mil Muertes defeating Fenix. Catrina came out late and Muertes told her to lick Fenix but instead she put down the Earthquake stone that Muertes carries and Fenix hit Muertes with it. Catrina licked Muertes, indicating that he’s going down next. Catrina then kissed Fenix.

-Big Ryck is now a babyface and defeated Sexy Star. The storyline was that both of them wanted a match with The Crew so they had to fight for it. Ryck refused to hit her so he just powered her down and pinned her. The Crew then attacked Ryck but Star made the save.

-Texano Jr. defeat Alberto El Patron by DQ. Texano used a bullrope but Patron took it away and used it on him. The crowd was said to be very hot for this match.

The March 11th episode will feature the following:

-Johnny Mundo defeating Cuerno in a cage match. The match was taped first because the crew had to put up and take down the cage, but the bout is scheduled to air as the main event.

-Angelico defeating Ivelisse
-Pentagon Jr. defeating Argenis. Pentagon then “broke” his arm and cut a promo building to the reveal of his mentor.
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Six Weeks of TV Results, Plus Backstage News and Notes from the Recent Set of Lucha Underground Tapings *Spoilers*

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