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 Billy Corgan Reportedly Had Issues With Resistance Pro Owners

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PostSubject: Billy Corgan Reportedly Had Issues With Resistance Pro Owners   Fri Nov 21, 2014 7:27 pm

When Billy Corgan announced his departure from Chicago promotion Resistance Pro over the weekend, he didn’t explain why. He also didn’t say what it meant for the reality series he was working on or if he planned to stay in the wrestling business. It appears as though Corgan may have had problems with the co-owners of the promotion, Gabriel and Jacques Baron.

Corgan, who had the final say in creative matters, started to become frustrated and decided to leave after several wrestlers “went into business for themselves” during the filming of the AMC series based on Corgan’s work with Resistance Pro. He decided that it was the last straw after a series of problems and left. Another version of the story suggests that the Barons were giving the wrestlers instructions that they claimed were “given to them by Corgan.” When Corgan asked why they acted a certain way, they said it was what he wanted. This happened with names like Robert Anthony, Darcy Dixon, Nikki St. John and Jay Bradley and more.

Corgan was the person that led to the AMC reality show deal, as well as the hype and talk about the promotion. It’s unknown what will happen to the show now that he’s gone. Sources connected to Corgan mentioned his frustration with the lack of promotion for live events, the lack of sponsorships and flat ticket sales, which weren’t good for someone with Corgan’s name value. Corgan even tried to contact Lou D’Angeli (former WWE executive and Cirque du Soliel executive), who he’s known since ECW, for help with promotion and sponsorship. D’Angeli was a part of the promotion but left after he was forced to choose between Corgan and Raven, who gave him his break.

One wrestler said: “The locker room is disenchanted, to say the least. Too many broken promises and none of them came from Corgan.”

Corgan doesn’t appear to be done with professional wrestling. It appears as though he is working on new project with talent from Resistance Pro and outside the promotion. He may do something similar to what Tommy Dreamer does with House of Hardcore, but there’s no word on when that might happen.

When asked about the situation on November 18, Gabriel Baron released the following statement:

RESISTANCE Pro Fans and Friends,

As many of you may have heard, Billy Corgan has left his role as Creative Director for RESISTANCE Pro. Owners Gabriel and Jacques Baron – as well as the staff and roster of RESISTANCE Pro – will be eternally in his debt for everything he did during his time with us. He opened up doors and offered opportunities to us that would otherwise had been unobtainable for an independent professional wrestling promotion. His creative outlook and noble dedication to charity have inspired us since day one, and we will continue to keep those lessons near and dear to our hearts. There would not have been a RESISTANCE Pro without him guiding it since its inception back in 2011, and we will always respect and be in his debt for that.

RESISTANCE Pro has always been a professional wrestling company and that is what we will continue to be. Our sense of community is the heart of the company that keeps us moving forward into 2015. The New Year offers many new possibilities, change, and a challenge to ourselves that only we can meet. On January 17, 2015 we present our first show of 2015 – ANIMALS – in this new era of RESISTANCE Pro. It’s a fundraiser for the South Suburban Humane Society – a charitable cause that does amazing work in our community. We ask that longtime fans of R-Pro join us that evening to celebrate our past and the curious give us the opportunity to entertain you with an exciting new product. Our goal is to entertain and have fun while doing some good. Let’s make that happen – together.

Happy Holidays and thank you for your support,

Gabriel Baron
Jacques Baron

Credit: PWInsider
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PostSubject: Re: Billy Corgan Reportedly Had Issues With Resistance Pro Owners   Mon Nov 24, 2014 7:22 pm

When he quit Smashing Pumpkins (i.e. dissolved the band), Billy Boy released a statement that said it was too hard competing with "the Britney Spears' of the world." So basically he couldn't compete with a schoolgirl.

No wonder he couldn't cut it in the wrestling minors.
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PostSubject: Re: Billy Corgan Reportedly Had Issues With Resistance Pro Owners   Mon Nov 24, 2014 7:37 pm



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PostSubject: Re: Billy Corgan Reportedly Had Issues With Resistance Pro Owners   

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Billy Corgan Reportedly Had Issues With Resistance Pro Owners

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