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 'Restling Rewind: TNA iMPACT 5/18/2006

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PostSubject: 'Restling Rewind: TNA iMPACT 5/18/2006   'Restling Rewind: TNA iMPACT 5/18/2006 EmptyWed Aug 21, 2013 7:38 pm

'Restling Rewind: TNA iMPACT 5/18/2006 001

Welcome back everyone to 'Restling Rewind! So each week I'm going to try and so two episodes of old shows. Right now I'm doing ECW on TNN and since my Mid-South Wrestling DVDs have yet to arrive in the mail I'm going to look back at Impact in 2006. I was going to try and go all the way back to the first episode but it's not on iTunes.

So the show begins with some monologue about how there's no great gain without great sacrifice. It's a cool entrance unless they continue to do this each week.

'Restling Rewind: TNA iMPACT 5/18/2006 002

Of course iMPACT starts off with The NWA World Heavyweight Champion Christian Cage who just retained his title at the Sacrifice pay per view. I guess that's what the introduction was all about.

'Restling Rewind: TNA iMPACT 5/18/2006 003

Cage does something cool and goes into the crowd and says that The NWA World Heavyweight Championship belongs to his peeps as much as it does to him. It would have been awesome if he cut the rest of his promo there but he demanded to see to his opponents that he'll face in the upcoming King of The Mountain match so it made scene that he return to the ring

'Restling Rewind: TNA iMPACT 5/18/2006 004

Real quick Christian talked about how going into The King of The Mountain match every champion has lost the belt. So Cage said screw that tradition he's retaining the title. I just thought it was funny that The NWA World Heavyweight Champion said screw tradition... well at least we didn't see throw the belt.

'Restling Rewind: TNA iMPACT 5/18/2006 005

So we get Monty Brown. Apparently this is him coming back. He tells Christian to prepare for the pounce.

'Restling Rewind: TNA iMPACT 5/18/2006 006

Former ECW World Heavyweight Champion Rhino.

'Restling Rewind: TNA iMPACT 5/18/2006 007

Former NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ron Killings. A lot of you will know him as R-Truth.

'Restling Rewind: TNA iMPACT 5/18/2006 008

Former ECW and NWA World Heavyweight Champion Raven.

'Restling Rewind: TNA iMPACT 5/18/2006 009

The Monster Abyss.

'Restling Rewind: TNA iMPACT 5/18/2006 010

The man Christian beat for The NWA World Heavyweight Title and a man who has never lost a King of The Mountain match Jeff Jarrett. He calls everyone else unworthy.

'Restling Rewind: TNA iMPACT 5/18/2006 011

Former NWA and WCW World Heavyweight Champion Sting tells Jarrett he's gonna get got or however that gangsta stuff goes. And Stings says Samoa Joe better watch out as well.

'Restling Rewind: TNA iMPACT 5/18/2006 012

Larry Zbyszko yells at the kids for waking him up.

Okay really he says there's 8 challengers and he only needs 4. So he makes 4 contender matches and no one knows who they're going to face.

'Restling Rewind: TNA iMPACT 5/18/2006 013

So our first match of the night is a tie breaker in The World X Cup Tournament. Representing Team Canada is Captain Petey Williams.

'Restling Rewind: TNA iMPACT 5/18/2006 014

And representing Team USA is future TNA World Heavyweight Champion Chris Sabin.

Right away we get an announcement that Larry Zbyszko not only wants all the team members outside the ring to leave but will be locked out of The iMPACT Zone.

'Restling Rewind: TNA iMPACT 5/18/2006 015

During the match while Sabin is in the tree of woe Petey takes a step on his groin! I guess you need to strike it to be DQ'ed.

'Restling Rewind: TNA iMPACT 5/18/2006 016

During this match we get sidetracked with LAX refusing to wrestle.

'Restling Rewind: TNA iMPACT 5/18/2006 017

And Kevin Nash gently pushing a security guard to knock him out. Seriously you'll laugh your ass off at how slow this "attack" went.

'Restling Rewind: TNA iMPACT 5/18/2006 018

After a commercial break Chris Sabin enacts his revenge on Petey Williams and applies pressure to his groin! Someone really needs to get DQ'ed for this.

The match ends with Sabin reversing a diving hurricanrana into a cradle piledriver.

'Restling Rewind: TNA iMPACT 5/18/2006 019

Sabin receives a big ol' trophy for winning the tournament for Team USA...

'Restling Rewind: TNA iMPACT 5/18/2006 020

And Kevin Nash attacks him and destroys it because... He's Kevin Nash? He just does this short if stuff. Stupid stupid shit.

Nash gets on the microphone and says size matters before some goofy music plays as Team USA comes to check in on Sabin as Nash and Alex Shelly walk to the back.

'Restling Rewind: TNA iMPACT 5/18/2006 021

After a commercial break Scott Steiner comes out to attack Don West making a huge babyface turn.

But it was a swerve and Big Poppa Pump only destroyed his stuff and left West intact.

'Restling Rewind: TNA iMPACT 5/18/2006 022

Samoa Joe comes out and the two have a stare off.

'Restling Rewind: TNA iMPACT 5/18/2006 023

Afterward Joe beats a Chase Stevens in a squash. Joe attacks Chase post match and his partner Andy Douglass comes out to save him.

'Restling Rewind: TNA iMPACT 5/18/2006 024

And Shane Douglass watches.

'Restling Rewind: TNA iMPACT 5/18/2006 025

Team 3D does a promo on how The James Gang, better known as The New Age Outlaws, attacked them and how they better watch out if they want to take it to the extreme. Also they comment on WWE's upcoming ECW revival and that they can't have ECW there when the heart of it is in TNA.

'Restling Rewind: TNA iMPACT 5/18/2006 026

So our King of The Mountain qualifying match is between Abyss, who is missing his manager James Mitchel.

'Restling Rewind: TNA iMPACT 5/18/2006 027

And Rhino!

'Restling Rewind: TNA iMPACT 5/18/2006 028

Near the end of the match Team Canada members Bobby Roode and Scott D'Amore come out to interfere. Roode finds himself being speared by Rhino and D'Amore get tossed by Rhino. All the interference gives Abyss to hit a Black Hole Slam on Rhino and win the match. Abyss gets into The King of The Mountain match.

'Restling Rewind: TNA iMPACT 5/18/2006 029

iMPACT ends with Scott D'Amore slapping Rhino.

Not a very good episode of iMPACT. There matches and the only good one was The World X Cup tie breaker and the winner was attacked by Kevin Nash after the match. I did like where all the challengers for The World Title came out in the beginning and Scott Steiner is always entertaining. There's nothing that makes me look forward to the pay per view though.

'Restling Rewind: TNA iMPACT 5/18/2006 Sig
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PostSubject: Re: 'Restling Rewind: TNA iMPACT 5/18/2006   'Restling Rewind: TNA iMPACT 5/18/2006 EmptyThu Aug 22, 2013 2:45 am

I remember this episode. It was during the brief period of time where I was actually watching Impact every week.
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PostSubject: Re: 'Restling Rewind: TNA iMPACT 5/18/2006   'Restling Rewind: TNA iMPACT 5/18/2006 EmptyThu Aug 22, 2013 5:20 am

I miss Christian Cage in TNA. I wish he'd return.
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PostSubject: Re: 'Restling Rewind: TNA iMPACT 5/18/2006   'Restling Rewind: TNA iMPACT 5/18/2006 EmptyThu Aug 22, 2013 5:37 am

I can't handle all this Monty Brown related nostalgia, Moose. Don't do this to me.
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'Restling Rewind: TNA iMPACT 5/18/2006

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